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Gracia! from Arizona

I just want to tell you how thankful I am. Buying a serval is scary, buying a serval unseen is even scarier. But you made the experience as stress free as it could have been. I asked a gazillion questions that you always answered without making me feel like I was bothersome. I could tell you genuinely didn't mind. Fast forward to the day she arrives. Luna is definitely the cat that you described and so much more. She is amazing and my daughter and I are so in love. She does well with our other cats and dogs unbelievably. I am so thankful for her and if I'm ever in need of another cat you will be the first place I go to! Thank you again.

Yasmine from Dubai

I was just on your site because I am passing your name along to some friends who are looking for a caracal and I thought I would give you an update. (we finally picked out a name!) is so wonderful! you were legit and we are happy.

Audery Larry from West Virginia

Hi Frank! Wanted to check in and send you an update on Poomer's first couple of months settling into life in West Virginia : We've so been enjoying him! He's just as you described, with a very quiet and nice 'affable' temperament. Not much phases him, he's been fairly easy to teach, catches on quickly and he's bonding along nicely. We had been Bobcat - shopping for quite awhile, mostly 'from afar', and I can say that I really see the value in the very thorough evaluations you do on each cat; as well as the great detailed write-ups, videos, photos, phone conversations, texts/emails....and follow-ups after purchase. It was a pleasure to work with you, Thank you again! Audrey

Sandra Evenings from Canada

Hello, Tiger was a blessing to our family this year beginning. You made our dream come true, To God we never believed you were going to ship the baby to us, Because we had falling into bad experience many times , So my husband said, well this should be the last time that we are sending money. And thank GOD we did and you kept to your words, God will bless you and your family, i can’t stop thanking you, We so exited. Wishing you the the best. if i have someone who is interested in buying Bengal kittens, your website will be the first to visit

Michael from Washington USA

Such a Great Experience! The EXOTIC CATS FOR SALE was awesome. They did everything to provide a great experience, from the surprise welcome package for our little ones to ensuring a smooth delivery. We are super grateful as we didn't know know it will take that short to ship.

Tony Calm from Texas USA

The entire process from the minute I found my bengal kitten on Exotic Cats for Sale to the time he arrived in my home has been such a smooth, stress free experience. Every detail of the process was in writing but if a person to person contact was needed, that was available also. I would highly recommend them to everyone looking for a healthy, well adjusted cat.

Mobile Page from California

Highly recommend...just watch for the additional charges! Excellent communication, emails and everything went perfectly. The breeder was knowledge, had all the information and paperwork we needed and the cat was ready to go! There are extra fee's added on to the price of the cat that I feel should be included in the ad for the cat (thus the reason for a 4 instead of a 5) but I highly recommend Exotic Cats for Sale!!

Debbie Meta from Florida USA

I really appreciate your patience and guides throughout the entire process. I'll always appreciate you guys and of course recommend you to anyone interested. The extra charges were so annoying but they refunded me as soon as the people delivered Jack to me. I love him so really bad and will forever be thankful. God bless your services. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EXOTIC CATS FOR SALE

Michelle's Family from London, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for such a precious creature! Indy is EVERYTHING we were looking for! Her beauty is something pictures simply cannot capture. When the airlines handed her to us my daughter just said “Mom, she is soooo beautiful!” Her photos were gorgeous, so imagine what a pleasant surprise it was that she was actually even prettier. Her beauty is just one small feature of a well rounded kitty. She is amazingly affectionate and we have only had her three days! She already sleeps with Avrey, my 14 year old daughter. All five of us in the family just sit and watch her crazy antics. She is fascinating to play with! Even as a kitten her agility and athleticism are impressive. I have been researching servals for quite some time. I have contacted numerous caterys. Some I never heard back from. A few were almost condescending at my ignorant questions. You are by far the most pleasant to speak with and was very helpful with our cat selection. I think her personality was what helped me convince my husband to spend this much on a family pet. We are having so much fun! SHE WILL GET THE BEST OF TAMING FROM US I PROMISE.

Sylvia Sandmen from Oklahoma

I am so in-love such that words can't express how I feel. I have always wanted a Savannah after my Eva passed away. I have been so not having any luck as every time I save up for a cat I ended loosing money. I am so grateful and thanks to my aunt for recommending you guys. I just don't know how to put these words together but all I can say is my heart is filled with overwhelmed happiness. I will stay thankful to you everyday I look at this cutie. God bless y'all. Thanks with Love!


I can’t express my gratitude for all the excellent service provided by this company. The information given helped me decide that Bobbie was the cat for us!

Martin Touris from New York

We purchased two absolutely gorgeous boy  Savannah kittens this season from Exotic Cats for Sale. They were from two different litters however we got them the  same time so there wasn't any territorial problem. Because  they were both neutered, no problems either with having two  males. I'm so glad we got two, they keep each other company when we are at work, and wear each other's energy out... They are best of friends! They are affectionate and love snuggles with us, and have their own unique personalities.  Frank was very supportive throughout, and provided regular updates and  photos. He also provided helpful advice about our beautiful boys, and communication with him was easy and great! Very  reliable!  Thanks once again! 

Kevin Mac Andreas from Frankfurt, Germany

This was such a better experience than I even hoped for. I picked up my F3 savannah from EXOTIC CATS FOR SALE with ZERO hassle. The way EXOTIC CATS FOR SALE do business really redefines what buying anything should be like. Zero pressure, full disclosure, and great communication. There were no surprises and everything was easy from start to finish. I'm looking forward to highly highly recommend them to anyone looking for cub. If you're buying online, trust what you see is what you'll get. The photos of the cats are exactly as described. Thanks again EXOTIC CATS FOR SALE! 

- By Joseph from Arkansas

About our nine months old Serval boy, He came into our family only a few short months ago and quickly made himself at home with our other 3 cats and 1 dog. He adjusted to car rides and walking on a leash so well that we are practically inseparable. My fiancé and I take him traveling and all around town. He is also playful and has our other cats no longer sleeping all day. He jumps high, plays hard, and at the end of the day he curls up in bed with us or the other cats.

By Christabel from Ontario

Hi, I just want you to know how much fun and companionship Duna has brought to our family. He is a bit over 11 months old now and never a dull moment. His personality is purely playful and he is very much a love bug purring non stop. He loves to go outside with his walking jacket and he will bring his fetch toy and drop it at our feet and will play for quite awhile before tiring himself out. He gets along well with all the other cats especially his best friend Beck who is 2 years old. They are inseparable. I don’t know how to thank you enough for letting him come to live with us! I will send updated pictures soon! He is a big fellow!

Rashid Alima from Al Khor, Qatar

It was a pleasure from day one dealing with Frank at EXOTIC CATS FOR SALE!! I would not hesitate to purchase another cat from them (and I bought my cat from them from the other side of the country). I was a little hesitant at first about purchasing the cat without seeing it, but I am glad I did. They were very honest and the cat was in excellent condition when I received! Don't have any hesitations purchasing from EXOTIC CATS FOR SALE, and don't forget to ask for Frank.

Anna Estate from PA, USA

We lost our Norwegian Forest Cat last November from a lengthy, sad battle with cancer and had always said we couldn't face another NFC so we had decided to look for a Savannah. I spent hours online looking at different breeders and Exotic Cat 's site clearly showed her love for the breed and care of his kittens. I rang them initially for advice about rehoming a cat from another breeder as someone new to the breed. Exotic Cats and I chatted for an hour about the loss of our lovely boy and our thoughts about this cat. The rehoming didn't happen as we had dogs and so I let her know we would love to be on her kitten list for the future. Very soon after this Exotic Cats rang to say she may have a male kitten available and would we like him to send a photo. We fell in love with him straight away and arranged to visit the following week. We were so impressed with the whole litter and fell in love with them all! We would happily have taken any or all home with us! Exotic Cat's care clearly produced confident and happy little kittens who loved to play. We couldn't wait to collect our boy.

Solomon from Ireland

Alina is doing great. He is eating everything in sight (and I mean everything). If it’s not locked up, bolted down, or covered with steel armor, he wants it. He’s definitely high-energy, which is good as this keeps him from gaining too much weight. He was neutered and chipped last week and is doing just fine after that… I don’t think he misses anything so-to-speak!!! I’m amazed at how social he is. If we have a house full of people, he’s right in the crowd and is not shy or bashful. I just cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this little boy is (including his playful devilish streaks). He’s super affectionate and is great with the kids.  - By Solomon from Israel

~ By Evelyn from Australia

It’s been a few weeks since I sent pictures. Seti is doing very well! He has switched to dry food quite nicely. I suppose if it’s good for his big sister then it’s good for him too. He will only eat from her dish. My other cat doesn’t seem to be too bothered by this. Everyone who comes to our house asks what kind of cat he is. And, everyone of course thinks he’s gorgeous. Playing with the water faucet is a favorite for him. He loves water. He also is fascinated by the toilet and has even jumped in a couple times. I made him a fleece cabin to sleep in. (He’s definitely spoiled) He knows it’s his house and often runs in to take a bath or hide a new find. He slept most of the afternoon yesterday in his cabin facing the fire. We had no heat because our boiler was being replaced. Needless to say, we all stayed toasty. Happy New Year!  

Ansola Karmy from Indiana, USA

Richo is an absolute stunner he is extremely handsome bunny and has beautiful personality too he loves everyone and is a lap cat Our family is very lucky -

Jessica Press from TX, USA

I just wanted to update you on how well our little baby is doing. “Princess” for now – although names tend to change in our house. As your friend said, she is just the perfect cat – and as you said, an Angel! We couldn’t ask for more. She settled right in and has made herself at home and into our hearts. We LOVE her so much!!! She’s eating well, playing, socializing and sleeping with us at night. I sent email with a quick picture and we will continue to update you on her progress!

By Samson from Texas USA

I picked up Oliver in November of 2016. Frank was nice enough to bring him to the airport for me. I really didn’t know what to expect, I had seen pictures via the website and some other photos Molly had sent me. When i saw him, and how cute he was, it took my breath away! He was absolutely gorgeous! We spent the next couple of hours together waiting for the flight home. Right away I believe we bonded, it really was “love at first sight”! When we arrived home he was introduced to my other Four cats, three rescues and one savannah. The introductions went well and the taking of many, many pictures ensued. Over the course of the last year I have truly seen how very different he is from my other cats. He definitely has a mind of his own and energy that goes on and on! He fetches, gets up and on anything he wants – recently my new kitchen cabinets! I find him on the refrigerator, top of the dresser, on the shelf in the dining room – everywhere he shouldn’t be! Oh and forget toilet paper or paper towel! Both of these need to be hidden, once he gets a hold of either – it’s everywhere! Whenever I go into the bathroom he jumps up on the sink and gives me a look that says – “Please turn on the water”!! He loves to sit in the sink and drink the water from the faucet, lately he has started allowing himself to get more and more wet. I laugh every time I hear him snort because I know he’s just gotten his nose a bit too far under the water! He has been an amazing animal to watch grow and see his personality develop.

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