Miss Ela


BREED – Caracal
SEX – Female
AGE – 7 Weeks Old
HEALTH STATUS – Very Healthy

 Our felines of incomparable beauty in all colors, renowned around the world.
– All cats are raised with exceptional love and attention. We have good breeding experience and we strive to raise our kittens as the most domesticated pet as possible. We breed out any aggressive behavior and only sell well-behaved quality felines from quality parents.
– Despite their aggressive behavior which is normal based on their wild nature, we put as much  energy into socializing our cats. Our felines are raised with other domestic cats and dogs.
– Our cubs are pulled from the mother as early as possible, and under 24/7 supervision and cuddles so that they are very human imprinted.

We follow up full vet attendance from day one to see that your cat stays healthy as possible. All medical checkups are being done regularly so kittens are guaranteed to be 100% healthy before we advertise on the website. We guarantee you a happy, friendly and healthy cat.

– All cats are up to date on vaccinations before being sold.


Payment will be done in two parts. The first part is required once you place an order and sign your contract, and the balance as soon as you confirm your shipping details including (Tracking numbers and ETA). We accept payments through PayPal, Bank Transfer, Zelle, Cash app or Apple Pay.


We are located in North Dakota and we have steady affordable shipping for every State or Country. We can make arrangements for the cat to be shipped to your address directly which will cost extra unless you prefer to pick it up at the airport.

– We understand there’s a lot of fraudulent sellers on the internet with good websites. We have dealt with people stealing pictures off our website just to re-post on other websites which is terrible.
– We guarantee that Any personal information gathered on our webpage will never be sold or shared with any person or third party business.
Click link below to see our Guarantee & Policy page for more details



  • U.S. Origin health certificate
  • Veterinary Record certificate
  • Registration
  • Certificate of pedigree
  • The transfer of ownership certificate
  • Implementation of microchips
  • Passports/ Temporal License Permit for transportation
  • Sales contract Certified by the Board of Livestock HERE.
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